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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Soir, of Marseilles, France, on September 4, 1954.


Flying saucers in the sky of Bavaria

MUNICH (A.F.P.). --. A flat machine of circular form with "frayed" edges was seen, yesterday evening, around the locality of Obersuessbach (Bavaria), by a certain number of people occupied with the collecting of hop, D.P.A. agency reports.

The teacher of the vaillage, who was the first to see the craft, claimed that it moved at high speed from east to west. All the witnesses are unanimous in stating that it was clearly visible on the clear sky, and that they could not have been victims of an optical illusion. [A jet plane?]

In addition, the American authorities currently proceed to an investigation to check the statements of some residents of the village of Landshut who state to have seen a plane, flying at very high altitude, that released hundreds of balloons.

Those are said to have burst at approximately a hundred meters of the ground, and "something escaped" of their envelope which reportedly resembled swarms of insects. [A case of migrating spiders?]

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