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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provencal, France, on March 26, 1950.

Flying saucers in the European sky

In various points of Morocco, inhabitants have alerted, for 48 hours, about the passage in the sky of "weird objects" - at 40 kilometers from Rabat, in particular, a dozen people saw on the day before yesterday, around 18 hours, an object which moved at a sharp pace from the East towards the West, leaving a luminous reddish trail that remained a few seconds.

The color of the objects was, claim the witnesses, very exactly that of dried cement, with vague metallic reflections.

Yesterday evening, in Tangier, various people observed "a luminous object of large diameter ", which moved quickly towards the west, also leaving behind a "phosphorescent" wake.


The pilots of an Egyptian airplane, coming in Beirut, reported that they met three flying saucers "moving towards the east, at 3.000 kms per hour ".

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