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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 11, on January 19, 1955.



"Pursuit of the "flying saucers" is authorized"

Paris (A.F.P.).
Mr. Jean Nocher, representative of the Loire (no affiliation), has just received the response from Secretary of State for the Air to a written question that he had asked him last October, in connection with the investigations carried out "about the presence of unidentified objects in our atmosphere."

The Secretary of State indicates that "almost all the reported observations - when they were sincere and sufficiently precise - received a natural explanation."

However, it was prescribed to the saqudrons of the Air Force, adds the answer, "to establish an objective and detailed report each time an unidentified heavenly object is directly reported to them, to forward this report to the scientific office of the army staff where officers were especially appointed to follow the matter."

The Secretary of State specifies that "the pursuit of these "apparatuses" although it did not give any result when it was tried until now, is authorized every time when it does not involve any risk of accident."

"In any event, the answer concludes, it does not seem necessary to exaggerate the documentary importance of testimonys whose number and good faith are not enough to equate them to objectively controlled scientific observations."

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