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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, page 12, on October 13, 1954.

Case file here.

The "Martian" of Pournoy-la-Chétive was small, hairy and wore...
the cassock

Three children with whom the unknown spoke an incomprehensible language claim that

Metz (A.C.P.).

Since Saturday, the inhabitants of the small community of Pournoy-la-Chétive, close to Verny (the Moselle) have been divided in two clans: those who believe in it and those who laugh at it.

We are talking about the flying saucer, of course.

Three children of the village claim, indeed, that they saw a saucer and his passenger. They told their story toh their parents, repeated it in front of the teacher and confirmed in front of Mr. the Mayor. All three were rollerskating near the cemetery. There was: Gilbert Calda, aged 12; Daniel Hirsch, aged 9; his brother Jean-Pierre, aged 5.

Dressed like Mr. the Priest

[...] states Gilbert, we saw a luminous and round machine of 2 m 50 approximately of diameter land. The craft landed close to us: it had yellow and white stripes and was posed on three feet.

"Soon, a man came out of it holding a flashlight in the hand.

"He was very small (1 m. 20 approximately) had large eyes, a hairy face and wore a black cassock like Mr. the Priest. The man came to speak to us in an incomprehensible language, and we fled, frightened."

Another witness

"We turned ourselves back a little further. The machine, very shining, rose very high and very quickly in the sky."

This account is partially confirmed by another resident of Pournoy-la-Chétive, Robert Maguin, aged 16, who stated to have seen, also around the same hour, a mysterious machine but he was not close enoughto distinguish its details.

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