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UFOs in the daily Press:

A "flying cigar" above Annonay, France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Progrès, of Lyon, France, on September 21, 1954.

See the case file.


Did the "flying cigar" of the lower Ardèche pass on Annonay?


Annonay, September 20th. LAST THURSDAY, at 12:15, Mr. Vialon, retired from the railways, residing at Annonay, was preparing to take his meal when his grandson, aged seven, who was playing in the garden, shouted to him, "Come quickly to see the flying saucer."

Mr. Vialon went out at once, and the spectacle he saw was not without surprise, but he had to wait until Monday to speak of the strange machine in the sky of Annonay, certain now that the apparatus he saw Was the same as that recorded in the sky of the Lower Ardeche.

Here is the account he gave us about it:

As soon as I was outside, I saw in the sky, moving silently, in a north-south direction, An elongated craft which I would probably have taken for an airplane if it had not been followed by a white trail which was considerably longer than the craft, may be eight to ten times its length and which, unlike that produced by some aircraft, lept its rectilinear shape in the extension of the craft and always kept the same size.

The speed of this strange machine was less than that of the planes passing regularly and in the front one could distinguish a kind of brilliant disc resembling sun reflections on a metallic part.

This craft took about three to four minutes to cross the sky of Annonay. Then suddenly, as it approached the limit of my field of vision, it dove vertically and disappeared.

During this dive, the white trail immediately took its place in the prolongation of the apparatus and at no time did it fade in the sky like a usual trail that one sees in the wake of planes...

Was the "flying cigar" seen by other inhabitants of the city or its surroundings? So far, no other witness is known to us, but the celestial vault will undoubtedly now have a little more contemplators hoping to discover, in their turn, some strange machine.

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