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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO or balloon seen in the Oise, France, 1967:

The article underneath was published in the daily newspaper Le Parisien Libéré, France, page 2, on May 9, 1967.



An enormous luminous point, fixed like a headlight, intrigued, yesterday afternoon, the crowd of the Oise. Visible as of the first hours of the afternoon, it was still yesterday evening, at sunset, and seemed to move slightly, after having remained a long time in fixed position in a south-western southern direction.

In the light of the setting son, the object appeared to have the shape of a metallized cone and, through astronautics telescope of a usual type, it resembled a tetrahedron with glowing and translucent faces.

This does not correspond to any sounding-balloon usually used in France, unless one succeeded in launching a new type of these craft having the shape of a radar deflector.

The weather station of Beauvais-Tillé could make some statements with the binocular, without being able to specify the nature of the mysterious object.

Around 4 p.m., in Bresles, the teacher could notice it with his pupils. Towards 08:45 p.m., the object moved towards the north and, according to new observations carried out by the station of Beauvais-tillé, its altitude exceeds 15.000 meters.

Satellite? New model of sounding-balloon or visitor from outer-space? The question, for now, remains without answer.

Note: Below three Press photographs of high altitude tetrahedral balloons taken in the end of the 1960's above Europe.

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