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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Monde, Paris, France, page 9, on October 1, 1954.

and the dispiples
of the Christ of Montfavet

The flying saucers continue with obstinacy their prospection of the French sky, in particular, during these last twenty-four hours, above the area of Dauphiné. Without one being able to predict yet big things on the intentions of their occupants, their sympathy to the race of men appears acquired. Undoubtedly, only the fear of a hostile welcome makes them still hesitate to make closer contacts with the Earthmen.

Thus a farmer of the Vienne, Mr. Yves David, living in Vouneuil-sur-Vienne, revealed yesterday that a "celestial diver", met by chance on the road, had carressed his arm" while utterring unintelliggibles sounds". But, probably disappointed by the little eagerness of Mr. David to tie relations, he had gone up in its machine and had disappeared almost instantaneously in the sky...

An inhabitant of Valence, Mrs. L..., made a similar encounter yesterday. Unfortunately for our knowledge of things Martians, Mrs. L..., seized with terror, hid behind a hedge and closed her eyes. When she reopened them a little later, it was to see rising from the field which bordered the path a luminous disc emitting a whistling sound...

A locomotive driver, Mr. Paroux, was no less frightened than Mrs. L... by seeing the other evening above the marshes of Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon (the Ille-et-Vilaine) a mysterious machine which followed a luminous trail. He fell sick from that and had to pass a medical examination...

Optical errors? Hallucinations? No, answer the disciples of the Christ of Montfavet, who have just stated that these flying saucers of which everyone makes fun are the irrefutable proof that their guide, George Roux, is really the Christ making a second coming...

Nobody so far had thought of that...

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