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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in Corsica, 1965:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, on August 8, 1965.


"Flying saucers" seen in Corsica

BASTIA (C.P.). -- Several people, twenty approximately, residents of the village of Patromonio, whose good faith cannot be doubted since they are extremely well known and enjoy an excellent reputation, saw "flying saucers" in the sky of the area.

Some summer tourists also claim to have observed strange phenomena the same day and almost at the same hour.

La chose s'est produite dans la nuit du 1er au 2 août, vers 22 heures.

"We even alerted the control tower of the airport of Bastia - several people told us - but the officers of this service did not believe in our precise details."

According to the information which we collected on the spot from some witnesses, among others Mr. Olive, electrical engineer, Jean Duperthuis and Paul Bianchi, tradesmen in Bastia, the observed objects, initially of vague shapes, then took the shape of very flattened half-spheres and of purplished color. Their glare was brilliant but intermittent. Several times, the mysterious craft - three, say the ones, more, say the others - changed direction at a tremendous speed: they disappeared suddenly, then came back a quarter of an hour later, evolving on the same line, to definitively disappear, this time, to the south-east, behind the Pigno mountain.

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