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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 12, on August 17, 1968.


"Flying saucer" in the valley of Barcelonnette?

BARCELONNETTE (C.P.) During the night of July 31 at 09:50 p.m., a mysterious craft flew over the area of Barcelonnette. This craft flew at an altitude which could not be estimated in an unquestionable manner but during its way it was watched by five young people: Philippe Garcier, 18-year-old, Alain Avasse, 17, Danielle Martinez, Yves André, 17 and Denis Martinez, 12.

The craft which had appeared above the Seolans mountain, altitude 2.900 meters, moved then towards the mountain of the Head of Louis XVI (2.405 Mr.), following a Southern - North-East direction thus flying over the villages of Thuiles and Meolans, the craft moved very fast, not in straight line, but on the contrary by doing zigzags above the crossed terrains. Two large beams of white light placed on each side lighted the neighbourhood landscape. The young people whom we met moreover reported than the noise of this craft was very weak. [Helicopter?]

They did not talk, until now, of this case by fear of the mockeries.

Investigation in Argentina

MENDOZA (Argentina) (A.F.P.) -- A nurse of the Mendoza hospital, Mrs. Adela Calsaveri, 46-year-old, observed one evening, though the window of the establishment, the evolutions of a flying saucer of hemispherical shape.

Suddenly, the craft started to emit sparks and the nurse, burned at the face, was also temporarily paralysed while the saucer taking off disappeared in the airs.

At the place where the craft had been, one raised a spot of fifty centimetres in diameter, of leaded color and which, with the Geiger counter, appeared radioactive. The director of the hospital having alerted the ministries for health and the security, in fact the governmental authorities carried out the investigation, sending a commission of specialists who managed to make these astonishing observations.

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