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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 1, on October 13, 1954.

In the area of Toulouse

A car driver has "seen" the passengers of a "saucer"

ALBI. -- A motorist of Briatexte (Tarn), Mr. Jean-Pierre Mitto, technician in a company currently exposing at the "domestic Arts" of Toulouse, stated to have encountered, at nightfall, on national road N.631, the passengers of a flying saucer.

"Returning from Toulouse, in company of two parents", he said, "I suddenly distinguished in the beam from my headlights two small characters who crossed the road, within a few meters hardly of my car. I stopped at once and, to our great amazement, we then saw take off from a nearby meadow a large red disc of a diameter of about 6 meters, going up vertically. The machine disappeared in the sky in a few seconds. "

Mysterious machines in the sky of Bombay

BOMBAY. -. Several people claim to have seen flying saucers above Bombay during the last days.

Mr. G Joshi, among others, businessman, stated to have seen, last Thursday at midnight, a luminous disc flying at a terrifying speed, from the South in North. He specified that the machine was roughly a foot in diameter and that its center was dark, but that its periphery was luminous. The " flying saucer " crossed the sky without noise nor emitting of smoke.

Mr. Michael Jacob, studying with the college of Bombay, also claimed to have seen a flying saucer. The description that he gave of the machine is very similar to that provided by Mr. Joshi.

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