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UFOs in the daily Press:

Airliner meets UFO, Mexico City, 1967:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 16, on February 13, 1967.

Near Mexico City

A plane barely avoids... a flying saucer

MEXICO (A.F.P.). -- An airliner just missed to hit in full flight, before landing in Mexico City, what is believed to be a flying saucer, the evening paper "Ultimas Noticias" reported.

The plane of the Guatemala company "Aviateca" flew over the State of Oaxaca, 400 kilometers in the South-east of the capital, when the crew and some of the passengers saw a round object which moved at high speed in opposite direction, passing very close to the airplane.

The pilot, colonel Alfredo Castaneda, and the copilot, captain Carlos Samoya, stated that the object had the shape of a silver plated spinning top and was surmounted by a kind of red ball. Its diameter was ten meters.

"We observed it during 10 seconds, added colonel Castaneda, who has flown for twenty years. I had never seen anything similar and it caused me quite an impression."

The stewardesses stated that the object had passed less than twenty meters of the fuselage.

The crew informed the airport of Mexico City of this incident. The airport claimed that it cannot be a matter of a weather-balloon, given the position and the altitude of the plane at the time of the "encounter."

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