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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Journal du Pas-de-Calais et de la Somme, France, pages 1 and 8, on October 19, 1954.


The roadmender had arrived
late for work...
because [he] saw
A "flying saucer"

Dijon, 18. -- 10 days ago, Mr. André Narcy, 47, roadmender in Mertrud, arrived at work breathless:

"I saw a flying saucer," he said. And to give a lot of details: an orange colored object stopped in a field, a small being dressed in a coat of hairs. A nice vertical start of the mysterious craft.

Besides, Mr. Narcy was able to show the place. With two of his comrades, MM. Riel and Henry, he went back there. All three stated that the dew had indeed dried on a certain surface, that the grass had taken on a "slightly milky hue", that traces of roud footprints were visible, etc...

In short, questioned again by the gendarmerie, Mr. Narcy and has just admitted that he had invented this story from scratch to excuse his late arrival at work.

And the round

A veterinarian in Seine-Inférieure, three firefighters in Vienne, two airport workers in Orly, saw various flying saucers. The veterinarian also saw "a strange 1.20 m. tall figure.



The saucers

(Continued from the first page)

Dieppe. -- At nightfall, as he crossed by automobile, the town of Baillolet, on R. N. 314, Mr. Henri Robert, doctor - veterinarian at Londinières, saw four craft which were flying one above the other, at around 300 meters of height.

Mr. Robert claims that one of them zigzagged past his car, that he felt a strong electric shock, and that the engine of his car stopped.

The veterinarian then saw a strange figure, approximately 12.0 m tall, on the road. The headlights of his car went out. When they went on again, a cylinder about three meters long took off from the edge of the road and headed north.

Mr. Robert told his story to the gendarmes of Londinières.

Three firefighters, Captain Huguet, Lieutenant Doussineau and Warrant Officer Serreau saw rise in the sky, towards from the castle of Targe, a large disc projecting sparks and followed by a very long luminous trail. They stopped their car. The disc, they say, passed over them and they heard a hissing sound.

Paris. - Two employees at Orly airport, MM. Raymond Castel and Charles Sirest told the Air police that he had seen a flying saucer cross the sky of Orly from East to West, "at the speed of a jet plane".

Reached above the town of Paray-Vieille-Poste, that is to say on the edge of the west-east runway, the mysterious craft which, according to witnesses, was traveling at an altitude of 300 meters, stopped for ten seconds turning on itself and emitting rays which were intensely reflected on the ground.


Paris, 18. -- Following numerous appearances of flying apparatuses of unknown type, currently reported in all regions of France, Mr. René Dejean, deputy of the Ariège (socialist) addressed to the president of the Council a written question asking him in particular:

- "Whether or not a service has been set up to collect the existing documentation on this topic and to study the nature and origin of these craft.

- "Whether the information currently gathered is fit to absolutely exclude the hypothesis of craft piloted or controlled by living beings of a species of beings of unknown origin.

- "Whether, on the contrary, the government has enough information to attribute the production of these craft to the industry of a foreign state.

- "Whether in the latter case the international agreements signed by France already allowed consultations relating to the use of such craft in a possible conflict."

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