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UFOs in the daily Press:

Strange object on photograph, Québec, Canada, 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Journal de Québec, on Friday, October 17, 2003.

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The mysterious thing on the photograph remains a puzzle...

Katia Bussière

I tell you this is an helicopter... Oh no, it is a bird... No, that strangely resembles a ROD... No, it is a UFO... Not, it is an ultralight... No, it is an electric wire... No, no, come on, it is dirt in the lens of the camera... The photography published yesterday in this newspaper caused many reactions among the readers!

The photographer Serge Lapointe, which captured the thing, is categorical. According to him, it is by no means an helicopter, for ot is not shown on the other photographs taken at a few seconds of interval. Mr. Lapointe does not lean either for the theory of the bird.

For a start, the thing does not have the shape of a bird. And if it were really a bird, at the distance which it was photographed, it should be very small, almost nonvisible. If the bird had been closer to the lens, it would be very fuzzy, because the focus was set onto the boat, says the photographer. M. Lapointe does not believe either that it is dirt in his camera. If I had dirt in my lens, this same dirt would have been found on my other photographs, at the same place, on each one of them. The photographer swears in addition that he did not alter his photograph to create space to all kinds of interpretations. Then, is this an UFO? I do not start on that... I never saw UFO. But it is all the same intriguing, admits the photographer.

Is it a ROD?

Producer José Escamilla invented the term ROD following the shooting of a documentary on UFOs in New Mexico, on March 19, 1994. He first thought that he had filmed an insect or a bird, but it would rather be an unidentified object, according to him.

Many thanks to Dennis for having forwarded this article and the previous one.

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