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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Courrier Picard, France, pages 1 and 8, on October 23, 1954.

See the case file.



The document we are publishing above has been given to us by a reader. It is one of six photos taken successively, several days ago, near Amiens, in the afternoon. Our correspondent describes the object he photographed as being round, moving silently in the sky and appearing, at times, to swing. After 10 minutes, he says, the object disappeared.

We showed this document to several people who said they saw a "saucer." The shape of the object - the different shapes, rather; because we give three other photos on the magazine page - correspond to what some of them saw. The halo surrounding the object is quite disturbing. In the photos on the magazine page, we find the "cigar shape" and the "lens shape". Finally, the film, carefully examined, reveals no retouching. So is it a saucer?

But... because there is a but! We tried the counter-test.

You will find at the top of our "magazine page", a photo that looks curiously like this. It was obtained by one of our photographers, by throwing a rugby ball into the air... The shape of.. the object appears, there too, disturbing. It also corresponds to what some people have seen. And yet!...

It is difficult, as we can see, to conclude. We thought, at least, useful, to allow our readers to make this edifying comparison.


At the top, the "fake" saucer: it's a rugby ball.

Below, from top to bottom, the "real" (?) saucer. The comparison of the three documents reveals variations in form. On the last one, you only see one lens in the cloud, to the left of the foliage.

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