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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucer in Saint-Tharcisius, Canada, 1967:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Avant-Poste Gaspésien, Canada, 8 juin 1967.

Flying saucer in Saint-Tharcisius

The region of Bas-Du-Fleuve seems to have been chosen as a site of experiments or a place of exploration in recent months, while several unidentified objects have been seen in different places.

While "l'Avant Poste Gaspésien" was trying to contact people who had said they had distinctly seen a flying saucer during the month of April, it was announced that other people had also seen a similar object in the region of St-Donat and Ste-Angèle last Sunday evening.

In Saint-Tharcisius (Gaspésie)

Benoît Michaud, 21, who returned home around two in the morning on April 17 with his two brothers Gilles and Jean-Marie, 26 and 19, gave a description of the adventure that made them very impressed.

About a quarter of a mile from their home, the Michaud brothers saw in the sky, at what appeared to be a few hundred feet from the ground, a luminous object which they at first took for a comet. It only took them a few seconds, however, to realize that the object of a fairly good size was as if hovering in a place they believed to be between their home and that of the neighbor.

They stopped the car and saw the transparent white "saucer" go down to the ground for a few minutes and then go up a little, to move away while rising slowly towards the northwest. "As the object began to move away, Michaud said, it became reddish."

Running home in a hurry, the three brothers had time to wake up their mother, Mrs. J. Bte Michaud, who claimed to have seen the red object with a whitish circle moving with great speed, at the away.

An identical or nearly identical object was seen again, but this time from quite a distance, on April 24 and 25. According to the description given by the witnesses who were able to observe the object for almost ten minutes, the "saucer" appeared to be about 20 feet in diameter and was as if luminous or of an opaque whiteness. The top of the object had the shape of a dome while the bottom had a slightly oval line.

Why didn't they report the incident? "We were certain, said Mr. Michaud, that the public would take us for cranks or even say that we had invented the case from scratch."

The description given of the object matches exactly the sketch that a resident of Texas had sent to the American authorities, after he had declared to have seen, without any possible doubt, one of these objects which were never positively identified.

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