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This article was published in the daily newspaper La Provence, France, December 15, 1954.

Fireball... or saucer above the area of Marseilles?

A foreman of E.D.F. [national power co], Mr. Mauro, who passed yesterday around 07:15 on the Longchamps boulevards, announced that he saw an unexplainable phenomenon in the sky of Marseilles.

"I saw a kind of ball of deep marine green color, followed of a short orange trail. The sky was so clear, in spite of the early hour, that I could easily follow this ball, but it suddenly disappeared, without leaving the least trace... "

Mr. Mauro does not draw conclusions, he quite simply wonders if it was a meteor, a saucer and if he was the only one who observed the "object".

An affirmative answer can be given to him with regard to this last question since several people assure us of the existence of the strange object. Thus a lady who was on the higher platform of Our-Lady of the Guard saw the gleam in question clearly. It is the same for Mr. André Boyer and his work colleagues, electricians at the Nestlé plan, in Saint-Menet, who saw the machine crossing the sky.

Lastly, in Camp-Major, another witness, Mr. Gilbert Marius, awaited the bus to go to his work when he saw "a ball of orange red fire color which went more quickly than a plane but while moving straight and not like a shooting star". It disappeared rather quickly while taking a green colour.

This account was confirmed by another living of Camp-Major, Mrs. Seire, who lives in the small valley of Caussettes.

Case file here.

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