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This article was published in the daily newspaper La Nouvelle République, France, October 11, 1954.

This case of the 1954 french flap is detailed here.

In the category: saucers, cigars and cylinders. In Bergerac, mysterious mushrooms push and disappear between the "feet" from a saucer! Two witnesses fearing to have been victims of a simultaneous hallucination, had not dared to speak earlier about the strange vision than they had on Friday evening, October 1, at 10 p.m..

Mr Jean Dufix, fireman in Bergerac, returned at his place, when, looking up, he saw an extraordinary gleam in the sky. Returned at his place, he had the impression of a general flashover in the garden, he saw a machine rising from the ground: it had the shape of a disc, is said to have become luminous and it left at a vertiginous speed.

The next morning at a very early hour, Mr Dufix went to get his immediate neighbor Mr Jean Labonne, aged 61, pensioner, whom he asked whether he had not seen anything of extraordinary in his garden. After many hesitations, because he was afraid that people laugh at him, Mr Labonne, still under shock, totally confirmed the strange vision of Mr Dufix.

It was while going to close the door of his garden, at approximately 10 p.m., that he was suddenly frozen on the location by a mysterious shapre and that he saw between a peach tree and his arbour, in a not sown piece of ground, a luminous disc of approximately three meters of span, which seemed to rest on three crutches. Almost immediately, the machine took off from the ground and disappeared at a high speed.

The two men went to the site indicated by Mr Labonne and saw, on the ground, some vague traces near which came to grow a score of mushrooms of an unknown species. These mushrooms are said to have disappeared with the first gleams from the sun.

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