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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucers or meteors in Vichy, France, 1967:

This article was published in the daily newspaper La Montagne, France, page 5, July 20, 1967.

Residents of Vichy and the flying saucers:
Fifteen days ago already...

To the (new) file of the "flying saucers", which has just begun again in first place on the scene of estival topicality, residents of Vichy were due to pour their small personal contribution. They also, of course, witnessed, in the night of Monday to Tuesday, the celestial phenomenon.

One of them, Mr. James Moussier, barman at bar de Lyon, came to tell us at the agency that he had seen, around one o'clock in the morning, a bluish apparatus with a front that spouted flames, above the street of Paris. Mr. Moussier, whose statements are corroborated by those of Mr. Pierre Ferroancko, machinist at the Elisee-Palace [movie theater], who has, in his turn, seen the apparatus in question on the road of Ferrière, at the level of the "Ardoisière ", was all the more impressed insofar that it was the second time in fifteen days that he witnessed a celestial phenomena of this nature.

"Two weeks ago approximately, he says, I returned home after my work, by the road of Hauterive - it was to be again around one o'clock in the morning - when I saw an apparatus very illuminated which landed behind the houses. It made like a gigantic flashover and you could suddenly see as clearly as in full day. I was so afraid that I initially remained frozen on the spot a few moments. I then went head over heels and back to the bar de Lyon to tell what I had just seen. Comrades then took me home by car, as I was too afraid to find me face to face with the apparatus!"

"Flying saucer or not, that of which I am sure, it that I was not dreaming!"

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