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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Alsace, France, on October 27, 1954.


A flying saucers with wheels!

Besanšon, Oct. 26. -- Mr. Franzesko Beuc, aged 48, farm labourer in Orchamps-Vennes (the Doubs) stated that on last 12th October, he had seen a flying saucer, but that, fearing not to be believed, he had, until now, kept silence.

Fifteen days ago, towards 9 p.m., Mr. Beuc was going back to the farm where he works when he suddenly saw, motionless on the edge of the road, an apparatus in the particular shape of a 4CV, supported by four wheels approximately 40 cm in diameter.

The farmer approached within one meter the machine and noticed, in the vicinity, a being, 1 m 50 in height, dressed of a leather jacket and with a cap on the head. Mr. Beuc having called the mysterious pilot, the latter quickly boarded the apparatus, which, after having rolled on about thirty meters, took off in the manner of a plane and took height quickly.

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