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This article was published in the daily newspaper The Lacombe Globe, Canada, on August 23, 1967.

Lacombe Teen-Ager Sees Unidentified Flying Object

At about 10:15 p.m. Wednesday Allan Sayers, 19, of Lacombe, spotted his second flying saucer of the week and claims it chased him over a mile and was in sight for two full minutes.

While riding his motorcycle, Mr Sayers claims to have spotted the object or flying saucer, beside a lake about two miles north of Lacombe and one half mile west of the Canadian Union College.

He said he saw the object on the ground, then a short time later it was flying about 250 feet off to his left and behind him somewhat.

"It was a bright red color with a black vertical stripe down the middle," said Sayers.

"After travelling about two miles on a twisting country road, Sayers came to a yield sign near the college while headed east and the object suddenly took off in a northern path.

Just before it took off in what Mr. Sayers explained as an extremely fast speed, leaving a streak of light and disappearing in about one second into the north, the object caused what he termed as a "coughing and wheezing" sensation in his motorcycle.

"The bike wouldn't work very well."

Mr. Sayers claims to have felt an unusual rise in the temperature.

"I felt this heat and I looked up and the object was right above me. It gave sort of a loud whistle. I broke out in a sweat because of the heat. The air was hot only when it was above me. When it took off it was cool again."

After sighting the object Mr. Sayers went directly to the Lacombe police station.

"He was very serious and looked frightened," said constable Dale Nesbitt.

The previous sighting claimed by Mr. Sayers took place about 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. He was accompanied by Charles Butcher, 17, of Lacombe who also claims to have seen the object.

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