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UFOs in the daily Press:

Michigan UFOS, USA, 1966:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Hillsdale Daily News, of Hillsdale, Michigan, USA, on March 22, 1966.

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Congressman Will Request Investigation of 'Saucers'

Ann Arbor (AP) - A Michigan Congressman planned today to ask the Defense Department to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects sighted near Ann Arbor. U.S. Rep. Weston Vivian, D-Mich., left for Washington, D.C., Monday after conferring with Sheriff Douglas J. Harvey of Washtenaw County. Harvey said Weston also planned totalk with the U.S. Air Force.

Three times within a week, residents of the nearby community of Dexter have reported sighting objects flying in the night sky.

"I didn't believe those reports," said Harvey. "But with so many trained police personnel and reliable citizens having seen them, I must believe something is in the Washtenaw County skies."

Harvey said he failed in efforts to reach the Defense Department personally.

The latest sightings were made Sunday night by more than a score of persons, including police officers.

With the aid of geiger counters, officers searched the Dexter area yesterday butsaid they found nothing.

Dexter police Patrolman Robert Huniwell said the object he saw had red and green flashing lights and at one time zipped down to hover "within 10 feet" of a patrolcar. He added that when the object rose again, it was joined by a similar object.

A composite description, made by police from reports of witnesses, put the object as triangular in shape, with a V-shaped antenna protruding from its undercarriage.

"It was almost flat on the bottom, and kind of high and peaked on top," said Frank Mannor, 47, who rents a farmhouse near Dexter. "We couldn't see much except the outline and the lights at the ends, because the whole thing was wrapped in a lightlike a halo, and it kept shimmering.

Mannor and his son, Ronald, 19, spotted the object near a swamp, about 500 yards away from them.

"We went down into the swamp," Mannors said. "But there was nothing. No smell of exhaust."

Sheriff's Deputy Stan McFadden, 27, another witness, said "I still don't believe it."

McFadden was one of about 20 deputies in seven patrol cars sent to the area to investigate Mannor's report.

He said he and deputy Dave Fitzpatrick tried to reach the object by walking up to it but that it flew off as they approached.

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