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UFOs in the daily Press:

Fyling saucers and space visitors in Mexico city, 1966:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Guardian-Journal, Nottingham, U-K., on January 14, 1966.


Mexican now 'see' flying saucers

By John Bland

REPORTS of sightings of "Flying saucers" continue to pour out into Mexican newspaper, radio and television offices, sometimes accompanied by hair-raising stories of mysterious "visitors from outer space."

A group of "beings" ten feet tall, with brilliant red eyes, but neither mouths nor noses, were described by three women, who claimed to have seen them during a stroll through a southern suburb of Mexico City.

The creatures were said to be wearing shiny grey suits and boots "like spacemen wear in the comic strips."

Reports of glowing objects in the sky coincided with this "visitation."

Varying forms

Sightings of unidentified flying objects, mostly reported at dusk or before dawn, varied from luminous "saucers" with a red glow to shapes like spinning tops with winking lights.

Some hovered, others darted across the sky "faster than any aircraft," and some performed complicated gyrations.

About a dozen people claimed to have seen two objects zig-zagging round the dome and turrets of the capital's Fine Arts Palace at about half past seven one evening.

Described as "huge, luminous things with intermittent flashing lights," they eventually soared vertically up into the sky until they became "merely tiny dots of light."


Senor JosÚ Luis Enriquez, airport supervisor, said that he had studied two glowing objects through binoculars. One maintained a fixed course, and he told reporters that he thought it could have been one of the many artificial satellites frequently seen in orbit round the world after sunset or before sunrise.

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