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UFOs in the daily Press:

1947 flying saucers, fake saucer crash in Hollywood:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Gallup Independent, Gallup, New Mexico, USA, page 4, on July 11, 1947.

More on 1947 "saucer" crashes in the US here.


Flying Saucer Picks Hollywood For Appearance

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. July 10 (AP) -- A saucer-shaped mechanical contraption, resembling a chicken brooder top with a few gadgets added, was found in a geranium bed at the home of construction engineer Russel Long last night and the first official reaction was from fire battalion chief Wallace E. Newcombe who looked at it skeptically and said:

"It doesn't look to me like it could fly."

Long called the Van Nuys fire department and excitedly pointed to the metal saucer, 30 inches in diameter, which he said had been belching smoke from two exhaust pipes and emitting a blue-white glare.

Chief Newcombe exhibited the object. A radio tube on top was set down into the upper half of the saucer which was about five inches thick at the middle and tapered to a thin perimeter. There were wires leading to a plug embedded in the center of the lower half. There was a rudder-type wing on top.

Long told reporters that he was awakened by a pop, not as loud as an explosion, and that he rushed outside to find the device. He declared that the object had nudged a few bricks out of the border of his flower bed.

Brief comment:

Another "crash" of 1947 in the USA; it is a "saucer" made by pranksters or a prankster. Some researchers studying the Roswell incident explain that a lot of things were then interpreted as "flying saucers" without anyone knowing what a "flying saucer" was exactly supposed to be, at that time, and this is an example in this direction since the "saucer" is very small, it does not look like some "real spaceship."

On the other hand, it was immediately recognized as a very terrestrial assemblage, something that cannot fly, a prank. It does not seem that anyone mistook this "device" for anything stranger than that.

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