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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, le 5 octobre 1954.


Was this a flying saucer?

"So, when do we have our saucer?.." told us yesterday a resident of Montbéliard, undoubtedly impatient to discover a "butt" of a flying cigar.

He hardly suspected that the day before, more than twenty residents of Montbéliard had observed a weird phenomenon in the sky, an appearance difficult to explain, and that we deliver just as it is to our readers.

Disconcerting fact, at the same hour, another person located at a point far away from the first, made the same observation reported in similar terms: "a slightly mobile ball, which changed color, blue, green and red."

Around 8 p.m., street Foillet, Sunday evening, about twenty people, pertaining to five families of the same building, saw a white ball in the starry sky, at the vertical of Fort Lachaux... quickly, this oscillating object changed colors (red green blue).

During thirty minutes, adults and children were able to follow, using binoculars, this odd phenomenon. Is this one of these famous saucers? Anyway, the object became large like a melon through the binoculars, whereas these lenses do not enlarge the stars... During the same lapse of time, another resident of Montbéliard, looking up at the sky, and by chance, saw the same phenomenon from another place.

Case file here.

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