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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in the French Press, 1968:

This article was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, page 5, on August 24, 1968.


A luminous objects rushes towards two farmers

DIJON. -- Two farmers of Brazay-en-Morvan (the Côte-d'Or), Misters Marius Carré and Paul Billard, who were harvesting, were intrigued by a bright white object posed on the mountain facing their field. The machine had the size of a cooker.

Suddenly a gleam appeared, grew and approached in the direction of the two companions. It became dazzling, with many sparks.

The machine was immobilized at the level of a hedge before moving back. The light was so blinding that Misters Carré and Billardcould not keep the eyes fixed on the object, which disappeared at once.

But the farmers noticed after this scene, that a car left the places although they are little attended.

Hoax of flying saucer?

The facts are disconcerting. One cannot doubt the good faith of the witnesses.Moreover, last July 21st, a few kilometres from there, another object had beenseen by a farmer of Brazey-en-Morvan.

The gendarmes of Liernais, who did not find any trace, ask themselves questions. The adventure amuses much the people of the nearby village. There are talks ofa hoax. Couldn't this story have been entirely innvented?

This assumption does not seem excluded: a very large mirror, a large white ball, you blind the farmers with work, you move, then move back the mirror before turning it over suddenly and "the object" disappeared.

Another assumption: it could have been a balloon of the weather services.

Lastly, let's not exclude the assumption of an object coming from another planet, since, we will visit Mars, Venus and other planets, perhaps inhabited.

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