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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers reported in France, July 1947:

This article was published in the daily newspaper l'Est Républicain, France, July 14, 1947.

At last... in France too
"Fying saucers"

Le Mans. - an inhabitant of Le Mans which was at his window early Saturday morning, states that he has seen, at an approximate altitude from 800 to 1.000 meters in the sky, two odd machines which took the western direction.

Of gray-greenish color, the crafts, according to the witness, had a slightly oval and punt shape and presented a series of darker spots on their circumference. They reached a speed definitely higher than that of the modern interceptors. No sound of engine was heard. Only a trail of smoke remained a few moments after their passage, then the crafts disappeared quickly in the low clouds.


New York - the American Federal Bureau of Investigations announced that a "flying saucer" has been found in Twin Falls (Idaho). It has 77 cm in diameter and has the aspect of a pair of cymbals placed one against the other. On one of the sides there is a kind of cap out of metal and on the other a similar plastic cap. The military authorities refused to comment on this discovery.

Another "saucer" is supposed to have been found in Wisconsin and would have the appearance of two pieces of woods tied together with a radio lamp inside. It is believed that the latter would be used for the propulsion of the machine which is equipped with two propellers and has an engine as large as a fist.

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