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Continuing animal mutilations reports, Argentina, June 2002:

This article was published by the newspaper "El Tribuno" de Salta, in their breaking news section, on June 21, 2002.


22:30 hrs.: The carcass of an adult guanaco, showing signs of mutilation on its jaw, anus, ear and one eye, was found this afternoon in the beach at Punta Pardelas, Valdes Peninsula, on the shores of Golfo Nuevo, 200 km. north of Rawson.

Another dead bovine was found, this time in Maria Grande.

In a new cattle mutilation case, the remains of a cow showing signs of mutilation were found in the community of Maria Grande. The animal had had its tail sliced off along with its genitalia, masticatory muscles and tongue. It was further reported that the animal had been dead for 2 or 3 days.

Furthermore, the location where this animal was discovered immediately caused the cattle rustling hypothesis to be discarded, since such cases are linked to events in which theft for food is involved. The series of mutilated bovines in the province had written its first chapter this morning, since an animal showing the same signs as cases which have turned up in other provinces of the nation was found today in a pasture of the Diamante region. As with other animals, bovines from Diamante and Maria Grande displayed injuries made with surgical precision, missing their tongues and muscular mass along the jawbone. The Diamantine bovine was found in a field located near Costa Grande and belongs to Adriana Trossero, as reported by local veterinarians to the police, who immediately ordered that analyses be performed on the animal.

Translation © 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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