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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers occupants are machine-gunned, Argentina, 1968:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper El Comercio, of Lima, Peru, on July 27, 1968.


Buenos Aires, July 26 (EFE). -- Members of the provincial police force fired machine-gun shots against the three crewmen of a flying saucer which landed early this morning in the neighborhood of an airport, according to a report in today's edition of the newspaper El Popular of the city of Olavarria.

It was a little after 2 A.M. (0600 GMT) and a wide sector crossing the Tapalque valley was lighted up by a very bright luminosity accompanied by a strange rumbido, more intense each time. A chief of police-whose name is withheld-who at that time was just proceeding to relieve a fellow officer on duty, noted with amazement the strange phenomenon. Hastily, and with four other witnesses, he reconnoitred the place. Armed with machine guns and in an open jeep, they went to the site of the happening. Once there, they ascertained with surprise, a few meters above them, the maneuvers of an oval-shaped object, flat and with some short feet on the edges, which was emitting multicolored rays toward them. At once, with intelligent movements and at giddy speed, it turned up vertically and then landed near some bushes behind the landing runway used by the military on emergency occasions.

The powerful light appeared to diminish, and at the side of the flying disc, now more silent, there were three strange beings who measured more than 2 meters in height and were wearing silvery uniforms. These, with slow steps, giving the impression of being unstable on their feet, made gestures of advancing toward the military garrison. The chief of police, surprised and fearful, tried to stop the OVNI crewmen, firing on them a burst of machine-gun fire, unfortunately without hitting the target. Then, while the unknown personages lifted their hands at the same moment, showing a small luminous ball, all the witnesses felt themselves invaded by a sensation of listlessness and [?], which rendered them incapable of using their weapons.

Finally, the newspaper adds, the occupants of the ship went back up to it, and went away at great speed on a zigzag course, and the witnesses then recovered their faculties. Immediately, the police squad returned to Olavarria, where they reported this unusual happening.

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