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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Canada, 1966:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Edmonton Journal, of Edmonton, Canada, on April 1, 1966.

Meteorologist Discounts Sightings

VANCOUVER (CP) - A lot of people are going to be seeing things in the skies for the next little while, says Patrick McTaggart-Cowan, formerly Canada's chief meteorologist. Mr. McTaggart-Cowan, now president of B.C.'snew Simon Fraser University here, told University of Alberta Alumni Association members, "If there are any little green men from Mars here tonight, they might as well leave because I don't believe they exist."

He said weather balloons and satellites are the commonest actual sources of such sighting reports. The new U.S. Echo satellite, for instance, could loom very large when seen near sunset, he said.

Meanwhile, an unidentified flying object was reported about 12 miles east of Elstow, Sask., by Gordon Collier, 33, of Saskatoon.

Mr. Collier was accompanied by his 57-year-old mother, a resident of Govan, Sask., and a 14 - year - old nephew, Gordon Noble of Regina, when he saw the object.

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