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UFOs in the daily Press:

SOHO pictures controversy, January 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Daily Mail, U-K, on January 15, 2003.

Webmaster's note: please be cautious; for example it seems to me that if the "object" constantly follows the same route, it is not an indication of intelligence but rather of a possible natural phenomena. Wait and see, with an opened and critical mind.

See also EuroSETI ro reveal hundreds of UFO pictures from two satellites.

Aliens On The Space Highway

by Tony Edward

These are the amazing pictures that offer the best evidence yet that aliens DO exist.

The stunning images - taken by a satellite trained on the sun - appear toshow UFOs travelling along a space highway.

The objects photographed vary in shape and size... and one is even a dead-ringer for the USS Enterprise from TV's Star Trek.

The satellite which took the pictures had originally been set up as a joint project by US space outfit NASA and the European Space Agency to observe the sun. But bofins were shocked when it beamed back hundreds of images of what look like spaceships. They were even more staggered to find that the craft seemed to be following the same path - along an "alien road" - supporting the theory that they are being steered by intelligent life forms.

Now UFO experts believe the images are proof that the extra-terrestrial life is out there.

Graham Birdsall, editor of UFO magazine said "The images are irrefutable in that they are from official satellites owned by NASA. They resemble the sort of spacecraft we used to see in sci-fi programmes such as Star Trek. To all intents and purposes here is evidence of alien life-forms in space that appear structured and seem to have intelligently controlled movements. I'm extremely excited at the prospect of seeing authenticated images coming into the public domain that have taxed a considerable number of people at NASA."

NASA has refused to comment officially on the images.

But UFO investigators claim is is significant that NASA expert Jill Tarter publicly stated that he believed there was intelligent life in space.

She said "I think it is quite probable there is life and in fact intelligent life, elsewhere in our galaxy".

The images can be seen at Leicesters Space Centre on January 24,25 and 26.

Thanks to Guy, U-K., for forwarding the article to me.

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