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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs sighted, photographed in Sweden, 1960:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, Sweden, on March 8, 1960.

The original article was accompanied with a photograph of the two UFOs sighted by Esse Jansson as mentioned in the article.

Light in the sky new satellite, experts believe

The luminous object which was observed shortly after 20:00 hours on March 6 by the crew of the Sundsvall plane of Linjeflyg [Swedish airline], was, judging from all the circumstances, a hitherto unidentified satellite.The point of light was also observed from the observatory in Saltsjoebaden.

"I made the discovery just before the object disappeared below the northwest horizon," states Docent Gunmar Larsson-Leanier. "It seemed to be a satellite and I am sure that it was not a shooting star or meteor."

Two unidentified flying objects were observed and photographed on the morning of March 6 by photographer Esse Jansson of Norrtaalb. He states that he had gone out into a field early in he morning to photograph the unidentified satellite, 1960 Alpha, which was expected to pass the Stockholm latitude in a southerly direction at about 05:25 hours. Between 05:15 and 05:27 hours he observed two objects which came from the north and were moving in a south-easterly direction. Their movement was slow but otherwise initially was not entirely unlike that of the satellites he had seen before. Suddenly, however, the direction of movement changed, and the objects turned such that they were going back in the same direction they came from. On one of his plates he even caught a third luminous object of the same kind.

"It has not be possible to determine whether the observation is purely an optical illusion or not. It can be added, however, that a resident of Bromma, Thorsten Esakansson, reports that between 05:25 and 05:43 hours on March 6 he saw the so-called phantom satellite, 1960 Alpha, with binoculars through a window facing on the west. But in his case also the satellite moved a little peculiarly as seen from the observer's location: "I observed the satellite in the north-northwest and it was moving in a horizontal direction... (but) then it went straight down at a right angle and disappeared."

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