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Continuing reports of animal mutilations, Argentina, 2002:

This article was published in the newspaper "Crónica," Argentina, on June 22, 2002.

Mutilations: now they kill horses, ewes and yardbirds

More mutilations:

Bahía Blanca - the mystery concerning preceding slaughters which took place on the Argentinian ground are holding more and more disconcerted investigators in failure as they see the new wave of mutilations which increases gradually everywhere in the country.

At Nicolas Levalle, located at 65 kilometers of Bahía Blanca, the first case in that area appeared yesterday, a cow (a 450 kg Angus Hereford) was killed instantaneously. According to the clues, this cow was killed and was mutilated within 1 hour with perfect surgical cuts. The oddest is that this same cow was still in life a few hours before. The corpse was deprived of eyes, tongue, ears and udder, specified the owner, Enrique Kampmeier, who found the body.

In addition in Santa Fé four young bulls were found, massacred with the aformentionned characteristics and a cow was also found in an appalling state, lacerated and with the heart removed as well as the brain. The police forces who are in charge of the investigation built a fence around the location hoping to find some clues but according to expertises carried out on the spot no positive result was found since there were no traces on the ground which would indicate that people penetrated in the area, were they from a sect or not.

An ultimate case was discovered in Coronel Suárez at 200 kilometers of Bahía Blanca. A young calf was found with the same known results i.e. the extirpated bodies parts.

"The head was empty and bones were deprived of flesh and there was a sort of dribble of green color" announced Adrían Fernández who found the animal while him and his friends drove out. The calf also had the bones of the knees broken in thousand pieces according to veterinary surgeons. Logically, if the responsible killers are not extraterrestrials, then somebody benefits from the time to deaden the animals with syringes or another similar device since there is not one trace of violence and the animal did not seem to have been shot down. It would seem that it died in a natural way, but unfortunately the results show us another thing," added Fernández.

Discovery of horses, sheep and birds torn to pieces

The mutilations seem to have no end. Now, in several fields of La Pampa, Rio Colorado and Rio Negro, not only cows were found, but also, horses, ewes, and even yardbirds. It must also be noted that in the majority of the cases the animals appear to be mysteriously put to sleep before dying.

The horses seemed to have perished without suffering from pain consequently the investigators suggest that they were removed in an instant and apparently without opposing any resistance, before being mutilated, which really catches the attention of the investigators. The horses presented signs similar to the other cases: perfect incisions as if they have been inflicted by means of a laser energy unknown to humans and all the interior of their bodies were emptied, with aspiration of their blood and the bodies internal organs, investigators announced. However not only horses are involved. Moreover, in a field in La Pampa, two ewes were found torn to pieces and the farmers also found farmyard birds in the same state. People living the vicinity noticed that there were no prey birds as is is normally the case when an animal dies.


Despite all these unexplainable events, authorities evaluate several assumptions with much precaution not to worry the inhabitants who are already disturbed by all that occurs.

The investigators and also the veterinary surgeons cannot explain these slaughters so easily. Certain investigators and veterinary surgeons suggest that the animals perish in a natural way and that the mutilations are caused by the presence of vultures and animals such as "aguará guazú" (a rather large fox in danger of extinction) and "caranchos" (hawks) which finish the carcasses by curving them. They also think that the cuts are not unknown since they say that the attackers (sects) could have used a thermocauterizer able to cut out the skin by burning it and even to cauterize the wound so that there does not remain any trace of blood.

Other investigators say that that is almost impossible, because if it were sects, there would be traces and they could not act with immunity without anyone noticing it. Moreover, which type of sect could use surgical techniques and also move in all these areas since many mutilations were done in different locations and some were done simultaneously?

Thanks to Claudio T, Argentina, for forwarding the article.

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