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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers and engine stop, Colchester, U-K., 1965:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Colchester Gazette, on September 21, 1965.



Paxman worker says it stopped his motorcycle

Was it a flying saucer from another planet which 29-year-old Paxman fork lift truck driver Mr. Paul Green, of Ferndale, Mill Road, West Mersea, saw as he rode his motor-cycle home late one night recently? "I'm not a crank, but I think it was something from another planet," said Mr. Green, who described the mystery object at "about the length of two houses."

His motor-cycle cut out as he received a kind of electric shock from the handlebars of the machine as the "flying saucer" glided in from the east and apparently landed on the marshes of Fingringhoe Wick, he said. Although he admitted afterwards he was "scared stiff", Mr. Green said he noticed that the object had a dome emitting blue light, and that there seemed to be a blue light from a band around the machine and also from a cut-away portion underneath.

Also underneath were what looked like landing wheels on two large balls.

The machine disappeared from his view behind a clump of trees, but Mr. Green said he could still see the blue light over the trees for a while.


"I was riding past the home of Mr. Anthony Buck, M.P., at Peldon, when I heard a strange humming noise, rather like the noise one hears form a kid's spinning top - but much louder and more piercing", he told a reporter.

"I had just overtaken a scooter when I heard this noise, and looking to the sky, saw a saucer-shaped object, with a dome at the top. Then my machine stopped just as if I had run out of petrol.

"I was dumbstruck. The object was about two miles away and about 100 ft. up. It appeared to land on the Colchester side of Mersey Marshes.

"Then when I touched the throttle of the bike, it was as if I'd put my hand on a live cable - there was a stinging sensation all over me.

"I kept looking and there appeared to be a pulsating bluish light flickering on and off. I walked on a bit, pushing my bike, and then I kicked it and the engine burst into life immediately.


"The strange thing is that the scooter rider experienced the same as I did. But neither of use spoke; not one word was said - it was as if we had been numbed."

Mr. Green told a reporter that he hoped the young scooter rider would come forward to describe what he had seen.

Mrs Russel Walker, of Peet Tye Cottage, Mersey Road, Abberton, a neighbour of Mr Buck's, said that she had heard nothing of the incident but many people had commented on low flying planes in the area.

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