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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO in Dawson Creek, Canada, 1969:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Dawson Creek Booster, Canada, on March 27, 1969.


On Saturday evening, March 22 at 9 pm to 10 pm Mr. JR Wilson and an acquaintance Miss Susan Wiebe happened to look from a window from their residence at 8th St and 96 Ave and saw over near the Loran towers, a UFO!

The object remained in one place for nearly three quarters of an hour, then took off straight up! As near as could be judged, it hovered at 2000' altitude, had the brightness of an aircraft tail light but much larger and it did change color from yellow to blue, then to orange and sort of ‘pulse'.

Mr Wilson states that he had read the Peace River Block News report a week ago and the object he saw resembled the description given. He goes on to state that since there was a wind it couldn't have been a light in a plastic bag as it remained stationary. He said it could not be meteor, or a star as it took off straight up! and there is no ordinary object that can do that. Also, it was not a distortion of the window glass as they went outside and watched. He believes some of the BC Telephone girls off duty were able to see it, but this has not been confirmed at time of writing.

If anyone else in this area saw a UFO or an unexplainable light, write us at the Booster. Perhaps the UFO's want to live at Dawson too!

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