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Nordic UFO Newsletter

Nordic UFO Newsletter was an English-speaking bulletin that several ufology groups of North European countries published together so that other countries were informed on UFO sighting reports in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

1983, February issue, page 2.

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In this issue of Nordic UFO Newsletter, we have concentrated on the Norwegian part of the UFO scene in Scandinavia. In addition to the normal reports of UFO-sightings, a section covering a "Hessdalen up-date" is included. The first article here describes the status of the newly founded "Project Hessdalen" (up to October 1983); the other article is more general, in finding methods (although many quite simple and straightforward) to investigate common UFO-phenomena. These methods are certainly applicable to what's going on in Hessdalen, too.

The report section presents three quite spectacular sightings; the first one is from Hessdalen itself. The other one has a possible connection, while the observed objects were very similar. The last observation is from Northern Norway, where strange lights in the sky were seen.

Regrettably, we have no material neither from Sweden nor from Finland this time, but we hope to bring the latest news from these two countries in a later issue.


At the beginning of June 1983 an informal meeting took place between the leaders of Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige and representatives from UFO-Norge, Among the discussed, was the possible setting up of an ambitious project to investigate the phenomena in Hessdalen more closely than hitherto. The idea of such a project was originally put forward by Jan Fiellander, co-worker in UFO-Sverige, but the intention is to carry out the plan in close collaboration between our two groups.

The main purpose will be to exploit what is currently perhaps the most UFO-dense area of the world. True, activity has declined somewhat during the last few months, but usually it rises again as autumn arrives.

The project will be divided into two main parts which can be executed either separately or together.

Part A

Part A will be an exhaustive survey of what has already happened. Copies must be obtained of all photographs, observations filed on report forms, and any data which could be significant must be collected.

It is important to obtain the following data for each observation:

  • time
  • place
  • appearance
  • pattern of movement
  • meteorological data
  • physical and/or psychological effects
  • other elements of possible significance

It will not be easy to contact all the witnesses, but we hope that every person who has something to report will tell his/her story to Leif Havik, leader for the Central division of UFO-Norge and heading the field-investigations. Therefore, some of the inhabitants of Hessdalen must prepare themselves for a meeting with these investigators.

The incoming reports will be closely scrutinized and the results published with a statistical analysis.

Part B

Part B will consist of field-investigations and technical measurements on site, to obtain as many "hard" facts as possible. This part of the project will be accomplished if the UFO-activity rises during the next months (i.e. autumn -83). A quantity of measuring equipment must be placed more or less permanently at strategical places along the Hessdalen valley, and monitored continuously together with visual observation of the phenomena.

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