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Nordic UFO Newsletter

Nordic UFO Newsletter was an English-speaking bulletin that several ufology groups of North European countries published together so that other countries were informed on UFO sighting reports in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

1981, issue 2, page 2.

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This category comprises everyone who is interested in languages, correspondence with other countries, journalism etc.

To keep the members and other interested persons informed about current UFO-events, RUFOS and NUFOC are publishing their own periodicals (in Swedish and Norwegian). RUFOS with their UFO-Sverige-Aktuellt (published 4 times a year) and NUFOC's Rapportnytt (5 issues a year).

In addition to these official magazines, RUFOS and NUFOC are publishing internal periodicals, Internt UFO Sverige and Internt UFO Forum respectively.


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By Finn We Kalvik

Translated by Mentz Kaarbo

This CE-I observation was done in Namdalen, a valley north of Trondheim in the middle part of Norway. Time of observation: About the end of Easter 1970. The witness, Finn Kohler Syversen, tells to our correspondent:

"On the road southwards down the Namdalen valley, at about one o'clock pm, we suddenly caught sight of an object which flew beside the car at a distance of about 40-50 meters. The object kept pace with our car at exactly 100 km/h. A row of trees on the left hand side obstructed our view a little, but yet it was not difficult to keep, it in sight between the trees, because the wood was widely scattered, and we could glimpse a relatively hilly terrain behind the trees. We had no cars neither in front nor behind us, so that the point of time seemed to me to be opportunely chosen.

First I thought that it was one of the fighters from the Army which flew behind the trees, but 100 km/h was too low a speed. Well, I tried to say to myself: 'It's a helicopter', although I already had ascertained that it was not. After having made up my own opinion about the object, I wished that my wife should draw her conclusions.

Therefore I said: 'Would you please take a look out of the left window and see if it's anything behind the trees there?' "Yes, there

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