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Ufology, articles:

The UFO phenomenon by serious ufologists. A collection of articles and papers by well known and respectable ufologist with a long experience of the phenomenon.

Joseph Allen Hynek:

Click! Are UFOs real?, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, USAF UFO consultant, formerly skeptic, answers yes in 1966.

Pierre Lagrange:

Click! OVNI soit qui mal y pense: Pierre Lagrange is a misunderstood French sociologist, he does NOT think that UFOs are science fiction insipred fantasies.

Richard H. Hall:

Click! The science of UFOs: facts versus skepticism: an article by Richard Hall whose goal is to raise a scientific interest in the phenomenon.


Click! The truth about the Condon Report, the Condon Report rebuttal by NICAP.

Scott Corrales:

Click! Saucers and soldiers, the Amazon scenario examined, UFOs in the Amazon.

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