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Tremonton, Utah, UFO Color Film of July 2, 1952:

When a Warrant Officer and Navy photographer named Delbert C. Newhouse and his wife were driving along a road seven miles from Tremonton and spotted a formation of brilliant metallic looking disc shaped objects, clear against a bright blue sky, you have an interesting sighting report by a qualified, reliable and educated observer.

When this Officer has the chance to use a 16mm camera and telephoto lens to shoot forty feet of film of the objects maneuvering, and submits it to Project Bluebook for evaluation, and when it is studied for three months at the Photo Reconnaissance Laboratory of the Air Force Intelligence, and when the conclusion convince the head of project Bluebook that it does show unearthly flying machines, you have more than a good sighting report.

When the Bluebook team feels it is evidence of the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial craft, and feels a scientific team should be gathered to look at the evidence, you may hope that this evidence will be made public. But if this scientific panel is set up by the CIA, then the film becomes merely evidence of... birds.

Here is the fully documented story.

Table of Contents:

Click! The events: the sighting, the filming, the witness, the analysis, a discussion.
Click! The transcript of 1956 filmed interview of the witness.
Click! The original account by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt of USAF's Project Blue Book.
Click! The Kevin Randle comments.
Click! The case as summarized by the French government GEPAN official UFO project in Note N.2.
Click! Analysis by the Air Force published by Greene-Rouse.
Click! Presentation by analyst Robert L. Baker at the hearings of the Committee on Science & Astronautics, 1968.
Click! The Robertson Panel conclusion.
Click! Thornton Page, Robertson Panel, additional comments.
Click! The Condon Report, case 49.
Click! November 27, 1957 letter to Keyhoe from AF Press Desk.
Click! A letter by Pr. James McDonald, May 4, 1970, to Arthur C. Lundahl.
Click! Extract of "Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis," by Paul R. Hill.
Click! Article: "Tremonton's bright, silvery saucers stand up as one of top-rated UFO sightings."
Click! Deseret News, 1996 press article.
Click! Frames from the film.
Click! MPEG movie of the film.
Click! References.
Frame from a compressed video version of the film.

Downloadable computer version of the film:

Frame from the video

Size: 2033 KB
Length: 16 sec
Format: MPEG

Right click the image on the left, and choose "Save as" or "Save target as," depending on your browser, to save a copy of the file to your hard disk.

VHS tapes containing copies of the film:

Those desiring excellent footage of this film should order the 1956 documentary, "U.F.O.". Send $23 (which includes shipping) to:

UFO Documentary
618 Davis Drive, Mt.
Vernon, IN 47620

Another interesting source is a UFO video titled "UFO - THE UNTOLD STORIES", produced by ITV and sold through Acorn Media Publishing (7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 350, Bethesda, MD 20814-3015, $19.95). The 50-minute video has a great collection of UFO video and film footage that includes many classics that are rarely seen today. One particularly interesting segment is vintage footage of Dr. J. Allen Hynek discussing the Tremonton film and his frustration with the Robertson Panel.

Amateurs please remember: nor the downloadable file available here neither the VHS cassettes are the original celluloid film. They are not really suitable for in-depth analysis.

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