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Top secret USAF research facilities:

The Tonopah Test Range:

The Tonopah Test Range (TTR) is a 625 square mile area located at the very north end of the Nellis Complex, about 32 miles southeast of Tonopah, Nevada. The primary entrance is off of Highway 6 at the north end of the facility. Dirt road access points also exist on the south and east sides of the range.

First opened in 1957, it has been a major test facility for DOE funded weapon programs. The facility is heavily instrumented with camera and radar tracking devices that record data from artillery shell testing, bomb drops, cruise missiles and rocket tests. In 1984, TTR also became host to the first F-117 Stealth fighter squadron.

Another facility located in TTR is the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range. Tonopah Test Range also contains the somewhat mysterious Site Four, located near its eastern boundary. What facility would be complete without a recreation facility, check out Base Camp. Travelling to and from Tonopah is provided by the Cheshire Airstrip.

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