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Top secret USAF research facilities:

While not actually in the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range, Base Camp is an interesting and related nearby facility. It's located on Highway 6, about 9.5 miles east of Warm Springs and the Highway 375 intersection.

From Special Nevada Report, September 23, 1991.

Base Camp:

Base Camp and Halligan Mesa are withdrawn by the Air Force and occupy approximately 600 acres in Hot Creek Valley in north Central Nye County. Base Camp is located 60 miles east of Tonopah on US 6. A county road passes through Base Camp land. Halligan Mesa is located approximately 15 miles northeast of Base Camp along US Highway 6 and then 3 miles northwest along a dirt road. There are no proposed changes in ownership, mission, boundaries or use of Base Camp and Halligan Mesa through the year 2000.

An electronics and communications facility on Halligan Mesa, and an associated support area at Base Camp, are used for collecting data for Air Force testing programs conducted in the vicinity of the Tonopah Test Range (TTR) and the Nellis North Range. Base Camp is used as a staging and support area for field personnel and as a recreation area for military and contractor personnel. Base Camp has a recently extended and improved airstrip, several buildings for sleeping quarters, shop and maintenance buildings, and a recreation building. Base Camp is manned by three to six people. Halligan Mesa is unmanned and a helicopter pad is located near the facility.

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