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The Tibetan Book Of Death:

Non linear history:

This perhaps our very first historical reference to support the notion that humanity's history is not a simple and linear as most of us might believe. It lies in one of the oldest books in the world, The Tibetian Book of the Dead. No mere sighting, it contains a story that raises speculation to dizzing heights.

In it is described a great ancient race of prehistory peoples who were very advanced. They had great weapons and ruled their time, though they preferred to stay mainly to themselves. A struggle arose among them and they separated into 2 groups. Eventually war broke out between their 2 great cities. Huge arrows shooting flame hurled into the air and landed on one city. The earth shook, there was a great light and heat, and a giant cloud reached into the sky where the now charred city stood. Around the stricken city people and animals died slowly of some unseen and unknown disease that seemed to sicken them. For years afterward the plants and animals avoided the place or had strange offspring. In despair the first group gathered in flying carts and left for the sky.

The parallels to nuclear warfare are eerie, thousands of years before our era.

Oddly enough, there are several a corroborating ancient texts from other cultures, such as the references to the Vimanas in ancient indian Veda texts...

Even more compelling, there is an archaeologic site in India corresponding to a highly radioactive terrain, with a layer of vitrified soil explanable only as an effect of a nuclear blast.

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