Pictures by amateurs from France:


One among 10 photographs taken in one minute with his Fujica Ax5 by an anonymous witness in the ponds of Sandun, close to Guérande in Loire Atlantique on February 6, 1982, at about 09:00 P.M.

The witness was driving when he saw a large red-orange light at the height of the treetops, but when he went out of the car and advanced in the field he first saw one, then two, three, four luminous balls of a size he evaluated to 50 cm appear on the spot, close to one another. Towards the end of the observation, a large white luminous flash made him panic and flee.

Ball lightning seems excluded because of absence from storm, one may rather think of marsh gas, although the large final flash is rather not part with these phenomena.

UFO picture from France

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