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Pictures by amateurs from Argentina:

ALBERTI, MAY 28, 1977:

At 5:45 p.m., on May 28, 1977, a Comodoro in the Argentinean Air Force, was driving his automobile about 20 kilometers south of Alberti in the Province of Buenos Aires. His son was riding along with him. The teenage boy first spotted the brightly luminous orange-colored object flying slowly from north to south beneath the low overcast clouds.

The father tried to see the object as his son made him aware of it, and finally stopped the car to try to see better. He got out with his camera, a Practika Pentacon 35mm hand-held model with a 50mm lens attached.

They could clearly see the object moving along under the low clouds. Before the father was able to take the first picture, two brightly luminous yellow-white objects came out of the larger capsule-shaped "mother-ship" and started to fly around it.

The Comodoro tried to snap pictures as fast as he could, but almost immediately after launching the smaller craft, the larger ship disappeared into the clouds above followed in quick order by the smaller objects.

UFO picture

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