The Phobos mysteries:

Yes, there are UFO events in space also. This relates to an event near Mars in 1989.


Interesting text about the last photos from Phobos 2, a personal story from a forum, author anonymous, and some footnotes I added.

You can find my information about the Phobos 2 Soviet probe encounter and subsequent failure and the corresponding photographs within the Phobos P.M.O section of my site.

Infrared photograph of the P.M.O.


Prompted by some of the earlier references on this site (1)to the infamous Phobos 2 event, I thought I might put down in writing the viewpoint I have of it from my own perspective.

I live in Canada, and one night, years ago, just after the incident, was watching a program called The Journal on the national TV channel CBC. This is, or was, a highly respected, straight news program, in a time when our TV was fiercely independent, much less controlled, less uncensored than it has become today. (A condition not unique to Canada nowadays, I suspect). I believe this footage was never broadcast in the U.S.

The program reported how American astronomers had been invited, thanks to the warming political climate, "peristroika", to go to Russia to view the incoming photos of Mars from the Phobos 2 probe. It reported that some very unusual objects had been photographed and then proceeded to air those pictures. First was the huge, long elliptical shadow on the surface of Mars (2). The narrator stated that the Russian astronomers did NOT know what it was a shadow of, and that it was definitely NOT a shadow of the moon Phobos (...).

Then a photo of a plain on the surface on Mars was shown, flat and featureless. However, the narrator emphasized, when photographed in the infrared, this same plain was criss-crossed with straight lines, implying that something was buried under the surface. This picture indeed was very clear, and the lines were absolutely straight and at absolutely right angles to each other, resembling a larger, random tic-tac-toe grid. Alas, I have yet to find this image anywhere on the net. (3)

Finally, the narrator stated that just before contact was lost, the probe sent back, line by line, a picture that was interrupted by the loss of contact while halfway downloaded. This picture was NOT shown (4). The Russian astronomers stated that there was something in this picture that definitely should not be there, and they were withholding it and calling an international conference of scientists to discuss it. Thus ended the broadcast. I turned to my wife and said "Well we’ve finally found them!!" The next day, I eagerly perused the local newspaper for the inevitable follow up story and perhaps newer information. Should be front page I thought. I went through each page, cover to cover, NOT A WORD. I went to the best newspaper/ magazine store in town, bought the 2 biggest Toronto papers, bought the New York Times. NOT A WORD. Did this for a week. NOT A WORD. Watched all the TV news shows, US and Canadian. NOT A WORD. ASTOUNDING!!!

One of the best books written on the UFO phenomenon was Above Top Secret by Timothy Good. What made it different was that he first described a UFO event but then, documented the astounding and improbable lengths that were gone to, to cover up the event. Some of the cover-up stories and explanations were far more outlandish and improbable than the concept of an alien landing. It seemed to me that such a cover-up was under way. I was beginning to think that I was crazy and had only dreamed the whole thing but I ran across a letter to the editor asking if anyone had heard/seen the same broadcast. So I knew someone else had seen it.

I started to browse through astronomy magazines. Finally, about 4 months later (typical magazine lead time) I found an article in a leading US astronomy publication about the US astronomers that had gone to Russia to see the Phobos pictures come back. They said that everything was going smoothly, but that suddenly, the attitude of the Russians changed drastically and they were not allowed to see the pictures. They thought that there had been some political falling out between the US and Russia. Only later did they hear about the loss of the probe. This, at least, fitted into the pattern of events, reinforcing my feeling of cover-up.

Finally, a couple of years later, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. I was up late, couldn’t sleep, flicking through channels, and by pure chance caught the Hard Copy episode with Russian Cosmonaut Marina Popovich mentioned in the above web site. And she pulled out her purse and held up to the camera the MISSING LAST PICTURE. I fell off the couch. And it showed, very clearly, in orbit around Mars, beside the moon Phobos, a CYLINDRICAL SHAPED OBJECT estimated to be 20 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers in diameter!!! The only sample of this I find is at ; however, my memory (possibly faulty) of the picture she held up was that it was much more clearly a cylinder and that the cylinder was black.

I found one of her comments interesting. She said that Russians talk about UFO’s and the possibility of extraterrestrial life every day, on street corners, in coffee shops. She could not believe how little it was discussed in America. How secretive it was.

Anyway, that is my story. I thought I would write it down for posterity. It is the sequence of events and the way that they unfolded and the way that they pieced together that have convinced me more than anything else that there is much more happening than we are being told. (...)


  1. The site is the forum of Enterprise Mission web site, devoted among other things to anomalous space images, by the controversial Richard C. Hoagland.
  2. My page documenting this photograph.
  3. As of 05.05.2001 I have not published information on this aspect yet, but I can confirm the event and picture have been commented by other researchers.
  4. This is the most intriguing event I documented in my Phobos section.
  5. This indicates that in addition to the known infrared picture in which the cylinder of course appears white, there is a natural light picture where the cylinder appears as a dark object. This latest picture is the one which was not published by the USSR space agency.

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