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The Phobos mysteries:

Mars has two tiny moons, named Phobos, meaning fear, and Deimos, meaning panic. There are several topics of interest related to Phobos.

In Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift talked about Phobos & Deimos 150 years before their actual discovery.

Its orbit is speeding up, leading scientists to believe that it is lighter than its size dictates, it might be hollow.

The Russian Phobos 1 mission failed.

The Russian Phobos 2 mission failed too, an "object that should not have been there" appears on the last photo.



In Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift mentioned the two satellites of Mars 150 years before they were actually discovered, and gave some astronomical information that are sometimes regarded as vague and inaccurate, sometime as stunningly precise.


In 1988, the Russians sent two spacecraft to Phobos, and both failed to fulfill their mission. Before the second one lost contact with earth control, an infrared photo showed a strange elongated shape which does not fit in the place.

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