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The Phobos mysteries:

An interview of Alexei Kuzmin, from IKI's RSSI department of High Energy Astrophysics department at the IKI, Moscow.

Main section on the Phobos mysteries.


By Jorgen Westman from Wufoc.

In my quest for answers to the awkwardness surrounding the two Mars-probes that the USSR had taking pictures of Mars, an its two Moons, and some strange cigar-shaped shadows a.s.o. at the end of the 80's, where finally one probe mysteriously disappeared, finally led me to the man that was responsible to handling of the information during the mission. At the RSSI department of High Energy Astrophysics department at the IKI, Moscow, I found - Alexei Kuzmin.

Alexei Kuzmin was responsible of the process with photo-information that was gathered in 1988 during the "Phobos International Space Project", that later has been used as support by conspiracy-followers to the idea of previous/still life on Mars. A number of TV-shows were produced in Russia about Alexei Kuzmin and the Phobos Project, but none of these managed to cross the western border.

I started out by asking Alexei Kuzmin how the cigar-shaped shadow did appear. This picture was taken by the Phobus-2 probe just before groundcontrol lost contact with it and it was lost. Alexei speaks, almost, fluid English, so I have kept his word intact.

"The cigar shape shadow is the probe shadow on the Martian surface. It has such shape and size because of the scanning mode of the instrument produced by. The instrument is the scanner with the slow scanning rate and it scans the surface with using a probe moving. Therefore the cigar is so big."
"Most of the people consider the Phobos-2 was lost because of the mistake in the control and because of imperfect intelligence of the on-board computer. I think the same. But there are the persons who consider the probe was lost because of UFO influence. There is no complete conclusion."

The shadow.

Who believed that a UFO was the reason to the loss of the Phobus-2 probe?

"I don't know the believers in UFO around Mars in IKI, there were the guys, but they are not in IKI now.

So what about the pole-shaped object by the other Mars-moon Deimos?

"I have an explanation to your picture with Phobos, because it's me who produce it. The light vertical line is a defect of CCD matrix - the sensor for the used TV system. One bright point is the hot pixel the CCD element with the wrong sensitivity. The other bright dot could be Deimos (the scientists calculate it should be somewhere at this place).

The P.M.O infrared photograph.
"I have no explanations for the other strange effects, it could be artificial UFO, but they can be the other kind of things. The situation in IKI (our institute) is difficult enough (as well as for the whole space research in Russia) to work on the problems without the correct results. Some of Russian probes were lost in the Earth orbit without detailed explanation, but it's normal for the incidents with the complex devices.

In the USA there is a man named Richard C. Hoagland who claims, in lectures and books, that there are artificial structures on Mars. Have you heard of him or the issue?

"I didn't heard about C. Hoagland book before, I'll try to get it via Internet!"

Have the USSR/Russia taken any pictures of the Cydonia area on Mars?

"Not that I know of."

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