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The UFO phenomenon in the daily Press:

Intense UFO activity reported in the State or Pernamubuco, 2002:

The Brazilian newspaper "Diario de Pernambuco" has published the following article on January 6, 2002, with the original headline: "Fantastic UFOs visit the State."

Fantastic UFOs visit the State:

Objects of exotic form are being observed by inhabitants of the coast and the wasteland, mainly in Brejo of the Madre de Deus, calling the attention of Ufologists.

There is something strange in the skies of Pernambuco. Inexplicable flashes, lights in cigar form, small points crossing space with frightful rapidity have been sighted near the coast and in the city of Madre de Deus, some 219 kilometers from the Capital [Recife]. Imagination? Meteorological phenomena? There are those who swear this is about Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs. Changing into small, flying disks. Visitors from space. ETs? Much like the television series, the X-Files, will it be that the truth is out there?

For Ufologist São Paulo Edison Boaventura, the reply is Yes. President of Grupo Ufológico of Guarujá (GUG), Boaventura is also a respectable analyst of the Bank of Brazil. He took advantage of a temporary transference of four months to Recife and passed his free time collecting depositions from people who say they have seen UFOs throughout the State.

"In the Northeast, Pernambuco and Paraíba have provided a number of cases. Activity has been especially intense in proximity of the beaches", says Boaventura, while he shows around an album with hundreds of registered photos of UFOs of the World. Edison's interviews have resulted in an obvious association with the personage of Fox Mulder (also of the X-Files), a fictitious agent of the American FBI who dedicates his life to proving that yes, they they exist and they are here.

One of the people interviewed by the Ufologist is the lawyer Wilson Andrade Souza. An inhabitant of Boa Viagem, he says he has already seen UFOs many times and speaks with pleasure of these incidents. "I and my wife we were on the veranda of our house when we saw an object hovering in the sky, seemingly a cigar. Following it were 20 lesser disk shaped objects, flying. It was very pretty spectacular," he claims. Souza has already also sighted UFOs at the Airport of the Guararapes and the city of Cupira, some 168 kilometers from Recife.

INVESTIGATIONS - the research by Edison Boaventura in Pernambuco also included full searches in Brejo of the Madre de Deus. The place is known as being one of the more important archaeological small farms northeast, and also has gained national prominence on the Ufological scene. Older inhabitants of the agricultural area recount the history of fire balls moving across the skies of the city. Shown the UFO album, the majority pointed to a picture of a UFO taken in Jalisco (Mexico) as being very similar to the phenomenon sighted in the region.

Dulce de Souza Pinto, director of the Museum of the city, lived on a small farm where it was customary to see torches - the name by which some called the balls fire. "At night, people would be seated on the veranda to wait for them to appear. They were blue and red, round torches and were moving very fast from side to side. Later, if they approached they disappeared suddenly," he recalls. If they were flying disks or not, Dulce prefers not to affirm. "It is what they are saying now... At the time, the oldest people said they were the dead spirits of comrades fighting in the sky."

Agriculturist José Antônio Dos Santos says he has witnessed a UFO landing. He told Dulce and the Ufologist that he saw a thing similar to a plate go down on a rock in the Serra da Rosa. Perninhas would have seen "ones" leaving the thing (Boaventura explains that they were landing gears) and later a door opening. He fired a rifle shot and the "plate" left flying. "And a wise person would say it was a flying disk," says Dulce.

However, Manoel de Souza, inhabitant of Zenaldo in the center, has not seen nor does he believe in the torches. "I find that the staff in such a way imagines these things who finishes exactly believing that he saw," he declared.

For the Ufologist, the 13 paintings on the rocky caves of the city do not escape examination. At the place known as Pedra da Lua [Rock of the Moon] portrays a being similar to a man with slightly bent arms and a body that appears as if it is being floated. "Edison finds that this humanoïd is either ascending or descending in the air," says Dulce. In other words, he finds that good part of the rupestres drawings are a representation of extraterrestrial ships and in the vision of our ancestors.

Note: the photograph of the Jalisco 1993 UFO can be viewed here.

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