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Files from the National Archives of Canada:

The following accounts are taken from the actual transcripts of sightings filed with, first, the National Research Council, and finally, archived and microfilmed by the National Archives of Canada. The National Research Council maintained a file of unidentified aerial phenomena (ufos) under a category titled: "Non-Meteoric Sightings". UFOs referred to below are "unidentified flying objects"... unidentified to the observer. They may be nothing more than misidentified natural objects, but read these accounts and try to imagine what kinds of natural objects could lead to the following reports.


AUFOSG, the Alberta UFO Study Group, transcribed a number of these microfilm records and presents a sampling here for your information. Wherever a name or other personal identification is indicated in the original record, they preserved individual confidentiality while still trying to give enough information to allow the reader to visualize the event.

Knowing how these reports are often viewed by those who are skeptical and have never experienced such an event, we can only marvel at the courage that some of these individuals exhibited to file these reports in the first place. We offer no explanation or judgment with these reports... they are presented to you based entirely upon the information originally filed with the National Research Council.


Click!Aircraft Reports UFO To Air Traffic Control, 1973
Click!RCMP Officers Chase A UFO In Southern Saskatchewan, 1973
Click!Pilots Report UFOs Over Newfoundland, 1974
Click!Triangular UFO Reported by Airline Pilots, 1974
Click!UFO Sighted By 4 RCMP Officers In Saskatchewan, 1975
Click!UFO Sighted Over Canadian Military Base, 1975
Click!Ontario Provincial Police Report Two UFOs, 1975
Click!RCMP Officers Report A UFO, 1975
Click!UFO Emits Bright Flash of Light That Temporarily Blinds RCMP Officer, 1976

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