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Files obtained from the National Archives of Canada:

The following account is from the actual transcripts of sightings filed with, first, the National Research Council, and finally, archived and microfilmed by the National Archives of Canada. The National Research Council maintained a file of unidentified aerial phenomena (UFOs) under a category titled: "Non-Meteoric Sightings". UFOs referred to below are "unidentified flying objects"... unidentified to the observer. They may be nothing more than misidentified natural objects, but read these accounts and try to imagine what kinds of natural objects could lead to the following reports.

RCMP officers chase UFO, Southern Saskatchewan, 1973:

Note: 20 years after the above incident, AUFORG spoke with one of the officers involved. He stated that this was the most unusual event he had ever experienced, either prior to that or since then... not just for the high strangeness of the incident itself, but for the number of highly trained individuals who all witnessed something that none of them could explain.

This has to be the most interesting report that we came across in the National Archives of Canada files. Three of the officers involved filed reports and the following represents the highlights of their collective accounts.

At just before 8 pm on a clear November evening a citizen telephoned the local RCMP detachment to report that he had seen, what he believed to be, a large 150 foot (45 meters) red and orange, fast moving UFO.

Two RCMP constables were dispatched and arrived in the area where the citizen reported that the sighting took place. At first they saw nothing but decided to drive around some of the grid roads to have a look. After driving a short while, they noticed, what one officer called "an odd set of lights" west of their location so they drove in that direction.

After driving a ways (and we gather from the reports that they did not have the light in view all time), they crested a hill and before them, no more than a mile (1.4 km) away was a very bright light. As they drove toward the light with the headlights on their police cruiser on, the object (UFO) disappeared. Turning off the their car's headlights, the UFO then re-appeared again. The object first appeared to be on or very near the ground and the two constables watched as the object changed color from orange to red then fading and becoming bright once more. The officers estimated the size of the object to be about 150 feet in diameter (45 meters).

After a short period of time the UFO appeared to gain altitude to about 100 feet (30 metres) and started to move toward the two startled police officers. As the UFO got closer, the officers were able to make out what one described as a "mushroom shaped object" and the other explained as an "upside-down saucer". Both agreed that the UFO was quite large and had red and orange lights completely encasing it. At no time did they hear any noise coming from the object.

Now another RCMP officer arrived with 15 civilian E.M.O. (not absolutely certain what this acronym stands for) members on snowmobiles. The snowmobiles were able to move across the farmer's fields directly toward the UFO but each time they would get close, the object would quickly move away. A number of individuals, including at least one of the RCMP officers had a look at the UFO through a rifle scope. Their comment in the report of one officer was that through the rifle scope... "It appeared to have portholes!"

The UFO then gained some altitude and flew off quickly to the east following the contours of the terrain.

A check with both Transport Canada and the Canadian military airbase in Moose Jaw revealed that no aircraft were in the vicinity and no other object was tracked on radar.

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