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Michigan 1966:

Sheriffs watch high-performance discs, also tracked on radar:

Events from March 14-20, 1966, in Southeastern Michigan, United States of America.

March 14, 1966:

From about 3:50 a.m. on March 14 and for 2-1/2 hours thereafter, Washtenaw County sheriffs and police in neighboring jurisdictions reported disc-shaped objects moving at fantastic speeds and making sharp turns, diving and climbing, and hovering. At one point, four UFOs in straight-line formation were observed. Selfridge AFB confirmed tracking UFOs over Lake Erie at 4:56 a.m.

Following is the log of "Complaint No. 00967" signed by Cpl. Broderick and Deputy Patterson of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department:

3:50 a.m. Received calls from Deputies Bushroe and Foster, car 19, stating that they saw some suspicious objects in the sky, disc, star-like colors, red and green, moving very fast, making sharp turns, having left to right movements, going in a Northwest direction.

4:04 a.m. Livingston County [sheriff's department] called and stated that they also saw the objects, and were sending car to the location.

4:05 a.m. Ypsilanti Police Dept. also called stated that the object was seen at the location of US-12 and I-94 [intersection of a U.S. and an Interstate highway].

4:10. a.m. Monroe County [sheriff's department] called and stated that they also saw the objects.

4:20 a.m. Car 19 stated that they just saw four more in the same location moving at a high rate of speed.

4:30 a.m. Colonel Miller [county civil defense director] was called; he stated just to keep an eye on the objects that he did not know what to do, and also check with Willow Run Airport.

4:54 a.m. Car 19 called and stated that two more were spotted coming from the Southeast, over Monroe County. Also that they were side by side.

4:56 a.m. Monroe County [sheriff's department] stated that they just spotted the object, and also that they are having calls from citizens. Called Selfridge Air Base and they stated that they also had some objects [presumably on radar] over Lake Erie and were unable to get any ID from the objects. The Air Base called Detroit Operations and were to call this Dept. back as to the disposition.

5:30 a.m. Dep. Patterson and I [Cpl. Broderick] looked out of the office and saw a bright light that appeared to be over the Ypsilanti area. It looked like a star but was moving from North to East.

6:15 a.m. As of this time we have had no confirmation from the Air Base.

Washtenaw County deputies B. Bushroe and J. Foster formally stated:

"This is the strangest thing that we have ever witnessed. We would have not believed this story if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes. These objects could move at fantastic speeds, and make very sharp turns, dive and climb, and hover with great maneuverability. We have no idea what these objects were, or where they could have come from. At 4:20 a.m. there were four of these objects flying in a line formation, in a north westerly direction, at 5:30 these objects went out of view, and were not seen again."

Deputy Bushroe told the Press:

"It would swing back and forth like a pendulum, then shoot upward at tremendous speed, hover and then come down just as fast."

Dexter police and Livingston County sheriffs, contacted by Bushroe and Foster,

"...reported that they saw the same objects engaging in the same maneuvers."

March 17, 1966, Milan, Michigan:

4:25 a.m. Sgt. Nuel Schneider and Deputy David Fitzpatrick saw top-shaped objects making sharp maneuvers. They alternately hovered, rose and fell quickly, darted around at jet-like speed, their light dimming and brightening periodically. In a report to NICAP, the officers stated that two objects were operating together, circling and flying in formation, while a third object hovered at lower altitude.

March 20, 1966, Dexter, Michigan:

About 8:30 p.m. Frank Mannor and family, and dozens of other witnesses, reported that a domed oval object with "quilted" or "waffled" surface and lights in the center and on each end had landed in a swampy field. Deputies David Fitzpatrick and Stanley McFadden parked car #34 adjacent to the area and began a search with Frank Mannor.

Their report states:

While in the woods area, a brilliant light was observed from the far edge of the woods, and upon [our] approaching, the light dimmed in brilliance... The brilliant light [then] again appeared, and then disappeared. A continued search of the area was conducted, through swamp and high grass, with negative results. Upon returning to the patrol vehicle, the undersigned officers were informed that one of the objects had been hovering directly over the area where our flashlight beams had been seen, and then [it] departed in a west direction of flight, at high rate of speed.

As he and other officers were rushing to the scene, Officer Robert Hartwell of the Dexter Police Department saw a luminous object buzz his car. Robert Taylor, Dexter Police Chief, said he watched an object in the field from Frank Mannor's home on a knoll overlooking the area. It appeared as a pulsating red, glowing object. Through binoculars he saw "a light on each end of the thing."

In the Press:

Hillsdale Daily News USA, April 3, 1967 "Local UFO case still open Air Force consultant says".
Edmonton Journal Canada, December 12, 1966 "Disagreement with conclusions by air force gives spectacular publicity to UFO sighting".
New York Times USA, April 22, 1966 Gerald Ford announces Project Colorado UFO study.
Hillsdale Daily News USA, April 3, 1966 "CD Chief firm in stand on UFOs".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 30, 1966 "Air Force claims open mind about UFOs, denies hush up efforts".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 29, 1966 "Sighting of UFOs continues throughout State and Nation".
Edmonton Journal Canada, March 29, 1966 "Flying object tracked on Radar".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 28, 1966 "UFOs reported in Ohio and Wisconsin over Weekend".
The New York Times USA, March 28, 1966 "New flying objects sighted in Michigan".
The New York Times USA, March 28, 1966 "New flying objects sighted in Michigan".
The New York Times USA, March 27, 1966 "Saucer sightings vex Capitol Hill - Investigating flying objects might cause public alarm".
Huron Daily Tribune USA, March 27, 1966 Policemen sighting in Bad Axe, Michigan.
New York Times USA, March 26, 1966 "Ford demands enquiry" Chamber leader Gerald R. Ford demands full blown UFO investigation after Michigan UFO events.
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 26, 1966 "Expert says UFOs merely marsh gas".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 25, 1966 "Washtenaw deputy 'snaps' Flying Object - Captures UFO on photograph".
Daily Tribune of Royal Oak USA, March 25, 1966 "Expert says marsh gas caused UFO 'sightings'".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 24, 1966 "More 'Saucers' spotted in area".
New York Times USA, March 23, 1966 "87 Coeds Saw a Flying Object Near a Dormitory in Michigan".
Daily Tribune of Royal Oak USA, March 23, 1966 "AF Expert filters UFO information".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 23, 1966 "Reports indicate 'Objects' returned".
Canada, March 23, 1966 "Formula, violin tune fail to lure saucers To Dexter".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 22, 1966 "Congressman will request investigation of 'Saucers'".
The New York Times USA, March 22, 1966 "40 in Michigan report mysterious flying objects".
Daily Tribune of Royal Oak USA, March 22, 1966 "AF Calls in expert in UFO sightings".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 21, 1966 "UFO mystery has another episode".
Daily Tribune of Royal Oak USA, March 21, 1966 "Police, others sight UFOs near Ann Arbor".
Edmonton Journal Canada, March 21, 1966 "Michigan residents in a spin over spate of flying objects".
Victoria Daily News Canada, March 21, 1966 "Mystery objects orobed in U.S.".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 19, 1966 "Flying saucers reported in area".
Hillsdale Daily News USA, March 17, 1966 "More Saucers Are Sighted".


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